The reality of engineering is that components wear and deteriorate over its lifetime, and even more so in harsh environments. On a regular basis, the costs of equipment downtime, reduced efficiencies or even mechanical failure needs to be analysed and users often have to make the decision to either Replace or Repair.

Up to 20% of plant operating expense is maintenance related and repairing parts helps predict the maintenance schedule effectively and collect data to support making critical decisions. Repair knowledge develops over time, and focused repair or modification can be established to further increase the component life cycle.

And that is where Surface engineering comes into the picture. Surface engineering refers to a wide range of technologies designed to modify the surface properties of metallic and non-metallic components for special purposes such as improving corrosion and wear resistance to extend component life. One of these proven technologies are the surface application of metals by the method of thermal spraying and weld overlays. With a wide array of materials and methods, It is important to understand the mechanics of the application to select the most suitable material and ensure that it remains on the surface and performs as designed.

ATC has more than 30 years of experience in the application of thermal spraying and weld overlays on critical production components that are prone to wear and cyclic fatigue, to last longer and reduce maintenance & operating costs. We have an extensive range of surface enhancement capabilities in our facility to suit a wide range of application. The range of industries we serve are diverse from dairy, mining, oil and gas, automotive to even coatings for space rockets. With experiences in such unique requirements, we are well equipped to develop customized repairs to return parts to serviceable or improved condition in a lower turnaround time.

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